Self-Appraisal Comments

40 Meaningful & Effective Self-Appraisal Comments

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Self-Appraisal Comments


40 Meaningful & Effective Self-Appraisal Comments


With the arrival of your company’s performance appraisal season, there also comes an increased focus on self-evaluation and reflection on your own work. Self-appraisals can be tricky but are a critical component to the overall appraisal process as they communicate directly to managers and supervisors how their employees are perceiving their own performance within the organization.  

The ultimate objective of the self-appraisal process is to ensure that the employee and the management team are on the same page regarding the employee’s performance. However, many employees fall into the trap of thinking of the self-appraisal process as an opportunity to widen the scope of evaluations and go overboard when citing their own accomplishments. A good, thorough self-appraisal is one in which you are able to highlight your positives, but also honestly mention your points of weaknesses too. The areas in which you need to improve upon should be accompanied with a clear sense of your own willingness to proactively work on improving them. Simply put, your self-appraisal comments need to be open, honest, and believable. 

Recognizing the appropriate phrases to use when drafting your self-appraisal comments is critical to ensuring they are as effective as you wish them to be. When your self-appraisal comments are strong, your supervisor can better evaluate your performance, opening the door for the coveted promotion you’re after or the raise in your salary you’ve been working towards. 

In order to help you project yourself well in your self-appraisal process, and set yourself up for success down the line, here are some examples of key self-appraisal phrases you can incorporate during the next evaluation season. 


In a hurry? Take these self-appraisal comments to go!

40 Self-Appraisal Comments

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Communication Self-Appraisal Comments 

1. I clearly communicate my expectations and goals to my team members. 

2. I effectively communicate with all levels of our organization by maintaining contact with department heads and corporate meetings consistently. 

3. I tactfully provide difficult feedback and approach sensitive situations with skill and compassion. 

4. I present my ideas to groups of all sizes in a skillful, effective, and professional manner. 

5. I frequently share relevant information and updates with my peers and supervisors so that our team as a whole can benefit and stay on track and informed.  

6. I proactively communicate changes that consider the stakeholders, coworkers, and customers they will affect. 

7. I frequently acknowledge the successes of my peers both publicly and privately and commend them for a job well done. 


Job Performance Self-Appraisal Comments 

8. I take pride in my work and value doing my job to the best of my ability. 

9. I frequently volunteer to participate in projects that extend beyond by job responsibilities. 

10. I have exceeded my performance goal this year/quarter/etc. by [insert specific number]%. 

11. I have decreased my job costs and customer churn rates by [insert specific number]%. 

12. I frequently challenge myself to perform better. 

13. I am happy to answer any questions my peers may have, and often provide guidance on the subject areas I am most skilled in. 

14. I promote a team-oriented work environment by remaining collaborative and seeking out opportunities to work with my peers on projects I need assistance on. 


Customer Experience Self-Appraisal Comments 

15. I effectively handle difficult or hostile customers by communicating with them respectfully and trying my best to accommodate their needs and wishes. 

16. I actively listen to the customer to better understand their point of view. 

17. I go beyond what is required to ensure that are customers are educated and informed on the topics that may concern them. 

18. I have received [insert specific number]% on my customer satisfaction survey this year/quarter/etc. 

19. I am continuously working towards improving the customer experience by strengthening my outreach with key clients and ensuring my follow up strategy is consistent and effective. 

20. I am mindful of my own interactions as a customer outside of my work so I can better understand our customers’ perspective. 


Sprigg Performance Management
Sprigg Performance Management


Innovation and Creativity Self-Appraisal Comments 

21. I regularly look to streamline and improve our work processes in new and innovative ways. 

22. I am committed to my professional growth and have taken training courses specific to the skills in which I recognize a need for improvement. 

23. I regularly seek out opportunities to connect and learn from others in my field. 

24. I stay current on developments in our industry and regularly read up on any new innovations or disruptive projects or companies that may be a source of inspiration for our own. 

25. I have a long-term vision for the future of my career and continually take steps toward achieving it. 

26. I learn quickly and am able to adapt to change in an efficient manner. 

27. I value learning and regularly seek out opportunities to learn something new and of value to my work efforts. 


Performance Improvement Self-Appraisal Comments 

28. I understand that because I remain intensely focused on the task at hand, I may appear to be blunt at times towards my colleagues. I am working towards strengthening my interpersonal skills and easing tensions between me and my peers. 

29. I am aware that not all of my peers may be comfortable with my style of communication. My intent and focus is always to get the job done in a timely manner, and with good results, so I will aim to eliminate circumstances in which my coworkers may interpret my actions as a personal attack. 

30. I have been questioned by many regarding my style of work. I believe that I have been able to successfully deliver results despite working in a manner which is different from others. 

31. I am aware that time management is not one of my core strengths, so I will consciously and consistently work towards managing my time better and prioritizing my tasks more efficiently. 

32. While I am comfortable with written communication, I recognize that there is scope for improvement in my verbal communication skills. 

33. I recognize that while I am able to complete projects within the stipulated deadline, this is not enough to contribute to my career growth. I will need to work on my soft skills to view the true progress of my job. 

34. I have realized that I am much more practical than I am creative in how I approach my work. This sometimes hinders me from offering innovating solutions during challenging situations or brainstorming sessions with the team, so I will continue to make a genuine effort to take more positive risks in my job and consider more creative, outside-of-the-box solutions as and when I can. 

35. I realize that I rely a lot on group effort to get my tasks done. However, I am working towards ensuring that I am able to participate equally, or even more, than my team members in group situations to aid my individual working efforts. 

36. I understand the value of communication with management as well as my colleagues, and I am working towards improving the same in order to avoid any instances of miscommunication with either group. 

37. While I am skilled at delivering results on time, I recognize that I sometimes fall short of following up with my key clients. I am working to improve my follow up activity with clients. 

38. I have realized that I am finding myself uncomfortable with dealing with negative feedback from clients. As time goes on, I hope to teach myself to handle such situations better. 

39. I may not be the strongest in customer relations, but I will continue to work towards reducing the instances of negative customer feedback. 

40. I typically have a very positive mindset and struggle with holding difficult conversations that need to take place, which I will aim to work on in the future. 


Get Started with Your Self-Appraisal Process Today 

The self-appraisal process may sometimes seem daunting, but with the right tools and templates, it does not have to be an intimidating process. Self-evaluations are about much more than simply how you are viewing your own performance. It is an opportunity to look at things from another point of view, reflecting on how others may be perceiving your actions and recognizing the areas that need improvement. 

A great way to collect this type of performance feedback is through the use of SpriggHR’s 360-Degree Feedback Tool, which allows you to request feedback from anyone within your company at any time. Feedback can be given and received anonymously or with full transparency, and templates and suggested action verbs are provided to help you write stronger self-evaluations, make the improvements necessary in your work efforts, and strengthen the relationships you have with your peers and superiors. 

If you’re looking for appraisal comments suited for others, check out this article!


Take these self-appraisal comments to go!

40 Self-Appraisal Comments

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