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 Manage Vacation, Time-Off Requests, & Goal Related Tasks

Issue and monitor time-off requests through Sprigg’s vacation feature, My Time. Customize the interface, manage sick days, discretionary days and track vacation allotments. Even track essential tasks related to goal completion.

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2 Months Free - Vacation Tracking

Track Vacation Allotments

Administrators can allocate and manage employee time and attendance activities while tracking and updating employees on their existing vacation allowance balances.

Track and monitor your organization’s time-off activities through the flexibility of our custom Admin Panel that manages carry-over vacation and allows for the scheduling of public holidays.

Generate reports that clearly and concisely indicate out-of-office activities and employee vacation allotments.

Team Time and View Requests
Request & Approve

Easily Respond to Time-Off Requests

Leaders have access to full team calendar viewing allowing them to easily identify any potential time-off requests from one or more employees.

Email notifications alert Leaders of time-off requests allowing them to instantly respond to employees.

Responses to time-off requests and the tracking of Personal Days and Sick Days can be quickly and easily managed by either Administrators or direct leaders.

Track Your Tasks Through Goal Worksheets

Leaders can also monitor timelines linked to completion of goal-related tasks through Goal Worksheets.

Get clear about what’s required to meet goals and who to get help from. Capture the details and execute the plan with Goal Worksheets.

Goal Worksheets

Manage all of your time-off tracking needs!

Track Vacation Allotments

Track and monitor time off through the custom Admin panel. Identify vacation allotments by individual, seven days a week, and keep Employees informed of existing balances.

Respond to Requests

Respond quickly to requests for time-off; know exactly who is out of office and why through the appointment tracker.

View Team Time

Leaders can quickly and accurately track time-off requests from their team members. They can immediately identify any conflicts with a full calendar viewing function and respond accordingly.

Track your Tasks

Get clear about what’s involved to meet goals and who to get help from; capture the details and execute the plan with Goal Worksheets.


Be notified when a request comes in and the response status (approved or declined).


Generate reports easily that generate clear and concise out-of-office activities and employee vacation allotments.

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