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8 Benefits of Using an Employee Vacation Tracker

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8 Benefits of Using an Employee Vacation Tracker


Tracking your employees’ attendance may sound a lot like micro-managing to some leaders, but rather, it is quite the opposite. Monitoring employee attendance and hours by keeping control over planned time off, overlapping leaves, and sick day requests can be a challenge for most managers. Balancing the demands that come from having to oversee the unique schedules of every individual employee can be very tricky, which is where the benefits of using an Employee Vacation Tracker become apparent.  


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Employee Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker

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The Benefits of Using an Employee Vacation Tracker 


1. Prevents Pay Errors 

One of the largest risks of letting your employee attendance tracking system go unmanaged is the possibility that one or more employees receives a significant error in their pay. While you may aim to be diligent in how you track employee time manually, a proper Vacation Tracking system ensures that no one ever skips a week of pay or gets overpaid when they are taking unpaid time off. Employee vacation trackers also help your team members keep track of their remaining vacation days, and simplifies the creation of reports regarding employee leaves, which the HR department can then use to doubly ensure there are no pay errors on your employees’ pay cheques.  


2. Prevents Micro Managing 

With a Vacation Tracker, managing leave becomes much less complicated, saving the manager a lot of time and reducing the amount of interaction needed between managers and employees in the request for time off process. Sprigg’s Time Tracker provides leaders with access to their full team calendar, allowing them to easily identify any potential time-off requests from their employees. Programmed email notifications also accompany those requests, where Leaders are alerted and can respond to time off requests instantaneously.  


3. Employees are Accountable for Time Off Requests 

Rather than leaving it to a verbal agreement between you and your employee, an employee vacation tracking software ensures every employee is held accountable for their own time off requests. Managers can easily keep track of which team members are in and out of the officeThis not only saves time for all parties involved, but is also increases an employee’s sense of accountability, responsibility, and engagement.  


4. Promotes Simpler Communication with Remote Workers 

Remote workforces are more widespread than ever, and though the entirely virtual office experience may have some benefits, it can be challenging to keep track of employee attendance and schedules simply because of the limited face-to-face interaction. A Vacation Tracker like Sprigg’s Time Tracker streamlines this process. In order for remote teams to function effectively, it is critical that there is frequent communication about their planned vacations, absences, or days off. Vacation Trackers help you ensure this communication takes place, where programmed notifications are sent out, so every team member stays in the loop about current or upcoming time off.  


5. Boosts Employee Attendance 

Perhaps a more unexpected benefit of using an employee vacation tracker is the uptick in employee attendance that comes along with it. This is simply due to the fact that when employees know there is a reliable attendance tracking system in place, they experience an increase in confidence when asking for time off. The immediate availability and ease of being able to request leave, vacation time, or days off for personal reasons reduced employee stress and overall absenteeism. 


6. Provides Employees Access to Their Information 

Transparency has always been critical to employee trust and engagement, and with a good Vacation Tracker system in place, employees receive this level of transparency. Rather than relying upon either their manager or HR to have documented their leave activity accurately, an employee Vacation Tracker provides employees with easy access to their remaining time off, the various types of leave they can request, and a history of their previous leaves. 


7. Boosts Employee Morale 

This transparency works as a fantastic morale booster for your employees. When scheduling time off is no longer a dreaded, days-long process, but can be done in merely seconds, everybody wins. By having efficient processes in place, it demonstrates to your employees that their time is valued, and that time off is important and should be taken.  


8. Helps to Make Informed Business Decisions 

One of the most actionable benefits of using an employee Vacation Tracker comes from their built-in reporting functions. Sprigg’s Time Tracker generates reports easily that provide clear and concise information about your employees’ out-of-office activities and vacation allotments. These reports, when used appropriately, can help inform your business decisions. For example, it could highlight absenteeism issues, it could help you to identify certain leave-related trends, and even help you recognize which periods are the most popular for taking vacations. With this information availablesome aspects of decision-making become much more proactive.  


Manage All of Your Time-Off Tracking Needs 

Managing the different schedules of each one of your employees can be challenging, but the use of an employee vacation tracker like SpriggHR’s Time Tracker eases this process, helping you refocus your saved time on more important duties. 

Tracking vacation allotments is made easy through the custom Admin panel, where vacations are allotted by individual on a team-wide calendar, and employees are kept informed of their existing vacation balances. Responding to time-off requests is also done quicker, with managers kept informed on exactly who is out of the office and why through the appointment tracker. Monitoring team time and quickly and accurately tracking time-off requests from team members is also made easy, with any conflicts becoming immediately apparent through the full calendar viewing function.  

Employees want to feel valued for their time and need a sense of security in how they can go about requesting time off if ever they need it. By using an employee vacation tracker, you can provide that needed transparency and ease to them, while also standing to benefit from the valuable streamlined processes that come with it.  


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Vacation Tracker

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