Performance Reviews & 1:1s

Performance Appraisal Customized for Your Organization

Assign the metrics that matter, have the conversations and manage the frequency of reviews conducted. Have full flexibility over what goes into your Performance Review Template – we make it simple to administer and easy to complete. Ask about our tools and tactics that promote real-time feedback in our 1-on-1 meetings format. With Sprigg you can customize Performance Reviews to how your organization works.

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Performance Reviews Tailored to Your Needs

Sprigg enables you to create reviews based on your needs.  We’ll show you how to set-up the Performance Review Process to work for you. We enable you to determine how frequently you want reviews to take place and track a variety of metrics. 

Whether you use SMART goals or OKRs, annual or quarterly performance reviews, competencies or skills, performance ratings or no performance ratings, Sprigg enables you to select the metrics you want. 

Performance Reviews

Skills & Competencies

You can customize and assign relevant competencies to measure the position-specific skills, knowledge, and behaviors. Our simple templated approach allows you to easily and quickly write competencies based on individual roles. Maybe you want to measure how well someone is demonstrating the company values? No problem!  Sprigg can do that too! 

Customizable & Optional Performance Rating Scales

Sprigg enables you to set a rating scale of your choice, and also provides the flexibility to change the scale in the future. Today, whether performance ratings should be part of an employee performance review process or not is a widely debated topic. If your company is like Amazon, Google and Deloitte and have abandoned numerical performance rating systems, you have the option to turn ratings off altogether!


Customizable Performance Review Templates

Our customizable performance review templates enable organizations to tailor reviews to each individual role, making performance appraisals more relevant and impactful. You may choose to use our extensive library of employee review templates or easily customize your own.

Create Easy 1-on-1 Conversations

Many organizations such as Google and Accenture have adopted the practice of holding regular 1-on-1 meetings. Taking part in conversations after key milestones and deliverables ensures that employees receive real-time feedback.

Sprigg allows you to schedule and take notes during your 1-on-1 meetings so that all your conversations are captured. This makes annual performance reviews easy and surprise free. Leveraging tools like Sprigg’s Check-In Meetings improves employee performance and engagement.


Making performance reviews simple & effective.

Goal Setting

Manage Goal Setting through our standard Goal Format with Writing Assistant tools that help the user draft their goals.


Measure the relevant Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours; assign them position-specific, globally or cluster them by group.

Performance Review Templates

Create a Review experience that identifies and measures the relevant metrics for the appropriate job (e.g. Sales role vs. IT role).


Manage the ratings by customizing your preferences; use your own terminology, identify the rating system that best suits you. Or even turn them OFF!


Support your company's culture, or culture change, by measuring values. Identify how well someone is demonstrating the values of your company.

Leader Review and Meeting Tools

Leaders are assisted throughout the Evaluation process with critical employee data made instantly available. They can also utilize the Check-In Meetings tool to schedule weekly 1:1s.

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