SMART Goals & OKRs

Drive Results with aligned goals

Most employees are unable to name their company's goals and how they contribute to them. Whether you set SMART Goals or establish OKRs, either way Sprigg has you covered. We can make sure that however you manage goals, they are aligned and that the progress towards results can be easily tracked!

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Establish Clear Performance Expectations

Establish performance expectations through best-practice processes like SMART Goal Setting or through the use of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Sprigg’s OKR process helps you create a clear line of sight between OKRs, and align all objectives to key results and business metrics.

Clarity of direction establishes standards of accountability while feedback nurtures ownership of results. The simplicity of Sprigg’s tools help you to manage those results.

OKR Alignment & Progress
Picture of the Sprigg tool that allows users to Create a New Goal and check the Goal Progress Update

SMART Goal & OKR Templates

Sprigg templates clearly and quickly guide you through the creation of SMART Goals or OKRs. Our formats are concise and will help you focus on documenting your goals and objectives with ease.  

Measure & Track Goal Progress

Manage performance through tracking tools that instantly measure progress. View percentage completion of goals through the dashboard or request real-time updates. 

Sprigg's OKR Check-In Meeting tool allows you to drive results by scheduling conversations, engaging employees and providing real-time feedback.

Scoreboard Reporting

Performance & goal tracking made simple!

OKR Template

Use our template to scope out and capture Objectives with critical metrics.


Increase employee engagement and improve results with a clear line of sight between Individual, Team and Corporate Objectives.

Track Progress

Easily and instantly view performance progress of goals and metrics across the organization.


View % completion of Team Goals and individual contributions; set clear standards of accountability and ownership of results.

Updates and Reporting

Leaders can request clear and simple updates using a green, yellow, and red progress report while viewing the specific accomplishments.

OKR Meetings

Use our OKR Check-In Meeting tool to schedule and manage conversations. Provide real-time feedback that engages people and drives results.

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