Clear Goals Help Remote Workers

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Clear Goals Help Remote Workers


Clear Goals Help Remote Workers

By: Tony Kerekes


An interesting survey of knowledge workers by Slack shows almost 1/3 of 2020’s newly remote workers indicate that working from home has negatively affected their productivity, compared to 13% of “experienced remote workers”. Keep in mind the simultaneous disruption in their lives, safety and schools. A majority (60%) of veteran (pre-COVID) remote workers find working from home to be more productive.

How can remote work be improved? The survey suggests:

Technology solutions – linked with policies and practices that support remote work.

Autonomy – 86% of those who prefer working from home over the office, say they have “a great deal of autonomy”.

Trust – in management and colleagues.

Clearly defined team goals and individual contribution. Nearly one-third who feel committed to their team goals prefer working from home over the office.

Company’s strategy – Remote workers who understand how their work contributes to their company’s strategy and mission prefer working from home at nearly twice the rate of those who don’t.

A remote work plan – to describe the arrangement and offer clarity.


SpriggHR can help to support effective performance management, if coupled with great conversations. Translating your company strategy into clear team and individual goals, creates a game plan. Supporting this with regular check-in meetings also fosters autonomy and trust. As plans change through the year, the remote workers are intune with changing priorities and goals.


Remote work requires more conversation as non-verbal cues and informal coffee or hallway conversations are lost.  This may seem like added work, but studies show it enables greater productivity. Remote work also allows HR to have a broader talent plan, unbound by traditional employment and commuting.
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