Using Performance Reviews to Sell Your Personal Brand

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Performance reviews can be a very good way to reinforce and sell your personal brand. Whether you do the process annually or more regularly, the review helps you to grow, become an expert in your field and potentially rise up within your organization.

The Review: A Chance to Sell Your Personal Brand to Your Employer

A great place to start the process is to ask yourself “How does my personal brand benefit the company and does it fit with the company’s goals?”

Quick Tips to Sell Your Personal Brand During Your Performance Review

Conduct a self audit: Consider and document the projects you worked on, teams you worked within and the results you brought. It sounds obvious but this step will offer clarity and direction in helping your boss get an idea about the value you bring to company.

Share and demonstrate progress toward your goals: You can grow the scope of your personal brand through achieving goals. Be ready to share and demonstrate progress toward your goals, as well as discuss the short-term and longer-term goals you want to achieve.

What ever you do, do not get defensive: A good attitude is essential to your brand. Disagreements between managers and employees happen all the time but don’t let this turn relationships sour! You and your boss you should show documentation that clarifies your point. If the disagreement persists, its important to recognize the chain of command and ask for feedback about how you can improve.

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