Top five scariest jobs

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We all have something we are scared of, heights, bugs, clowns or even small spaces, but thankfully we don’t have to wake up every day and go to work where at any moment one of these fears could appear. With Halloween approaching and frights at every turn, Friends of SpriggHR,, thought it was time to speak aloud about our greatest fears.

pumkins_eyesMarc Belaich and his team did their research and, according to a recent poll of more than 4,000 people, these are some of the world’s scariest jobs

  1. Window Cleaner. Everyone at one point has washed a window, but many of us have never done it from 100 floors up, outside the building, as the wind whips our harness back and forth. If heights are an issue for you, we wouldn’t recommend this career path, but either way – don’t look down!
  2. Miner. Methane explosions, collapses and hydrogen sulfide leaks are just a few of the things miners have to worry about in a day’s work and that is not including any of the health risks. If none of these things get your heart beating, you can always focus on the small spaces and pitch black.
  3. Police Officer. As a police officer, you are trained to stay calm in even the most dangerous situations and hold your own against some well-armed human beings – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t caught off guard on some occasions or see some horrible things.
  4. Mortician. This job isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it is pretty scary when you have to spend all day with dead people. If the movies have taught us anything, your office is also usually in a quiet basement, with a lot of flickering lights and every so often, one of those dead bodies comes back to life.
  5. Exterminator. Spiders, rats, cockroaches, and centipedes should be enough to scare you away from this job title and keep you up all night thinking there is something crawling in your bed.

You might not have to perform one of these scary jobs every day, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of your job that keep you on edge. More than one-third of workers say that layoffs are what they fear the most at work. Other job nightmares include: Pay cuts, workload, public speaking and presentations, forced relocation and your boss or other co-workers.