Marrying Coaching with 360 Degree Reviews

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Here’s a great piece from Allen Moore, Global Director of Executive Coaching for recruiting company Korn/Ferry. The article, published in, discusses ways to bring processes and lessons of 36o evaluation into the help offered by learning and development specialists.


Many organizations use 360-degree reviews as part of their performance evaluation process. However, 360 feedback also can be a powerful tool for coaches.

These reviews inform development plans, which often involve either an internal or external coaching relationship. However, there can be real consequences if coaches and managers don’t understand how to best use 360-degree reviews.

Working together, managers and coaches should consider the following five practices when leveraging these reviews to support coaching:

Use questions based on the BARS: (BARS stands for behaviorally anchored rating scale).

  • Select the right raters
  • Keep the 360-degree evaluation anonymous, most of the time
  • Recognize perspective is not the absolute truth, but it is real
  • Provide feedback based on actual behaviors

Read the full article here.