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DON’T just settle for any online Performance Review system

Really, don’t do it.  You’ll regret it.  Besides, why would you want to create even more work for yourself and others?

Q1 of 2015 is upon us and you need to align with a system that does all those things you’re hearing performance review systems can do.

You know, like centralize tons of data, provide easy access to Users and allow you to pull critical employee performance info in seconds…like… ”Who submitted their reviews and who didn’t?”  We know, that’s a really good one.  You’re welcome 🙂

Sprigg’s online performance reviews are built on the best of HR Practices.  It shows users how to set goals, how to give feedback, and offers so much flexibility in site customization (making it all your own) and it’s super-simple to use!  There’s even a way to manage goal completion and time off requests – yep, we’ve thought of everything!

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Here are 10 very important quick facts about Sprigg online performance reviews:

  1. It takes 20 minutes to show someone how to use it.
  2. It’s loaded with “writing assistant” tools so the user can NEVER get lost.
  3. It has a ton of flexibility allowing you super-simple on/off buttons so you can make the site your very own (even adding your company logo).
  4. It comes with starter-kit info on a Competency Library.
  5. It has an online help desk with live client support (included in your cost).
  6. It has a cool social area that promotes spot recognition.
  7. It takes 2 business days to implement. No, seriously…it does!
  8. It has a cool pay-raise calculator where in seconds a manager can recommend a base-pay increase.
  9. Sprigg is an acronym…Successful People Reviewing and Improving Goals and Growth…we know, it’s cool.
  10. It’s beautiful, simple, clear and incredibly easy to understand and we guarantee it.


Sprigg is offering to waive the site set up fee and provide FREE online user training when you commit to purchase by January 30, 2015. 

We will work with you on your implementation timelines and even migrate your User data from the other crappy system you’re using right now.

Book a Demo – we’ll show you in 20 minutes what we’ve got. 

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