The Best Performance Reviews are Fast and Straight Forward

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Your performance review software should be simple and intuitive, to assist you rather than complicate things.

Our software makes HR staff focus on what’s truly important – keeping performance review forms simple, fast and effective. Staff and managers benefit from this leaner approach, which lets them provide quality feedback easily and get back to “regular work” in no time.

Easier Reviews

Performance reviews let everyone know where they stand. They’re a perfect opportunity for employees to hear structured commentary from more experienced colleagues, to learn what they do well or get timely insights on how to improve. Employees can use feedback from performance reviews to set new personal objectives and advance their careers.

So why do people traditionally dislike performance reviews?

What’s wrong with the traditional performance review approach?

Too many HR departments and managers believe that the lengthier the process of measuring employee performance, the more accurate the results.

This type of focus on metrics can kill the user experience and, ultimately, the true value of the performance review. The more you measure, the longer the process takes, the more people hate it. The more people hate it — the less accurate the results become!

Keep the performance review simple!

We stand behind the belief that a lightweight process achieves more.

By keeping the process easy, faster and manageable, Managers and employees get to the heart of performance needs and development much faster with far more acceptance. This means you could even schedule a second review in the same year and give more timely feedback! Sprigg makes the process so easy and quick that some of our clients even prefer to do quarterly reviews!

How does our performance review system help?

Sprigg’s user interface is designed for simplicity. Certain features, for example the continuous feedback module, will be familiar to anyone who’s used Facebook. Staff will actually enjoy using our application, and we take care of all the paperwork and backups for you.