Still Using Paper-Based Employee Evaluations? Its Time to Get into the Cloud

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Re-inventing the Employee Review Process

Performance reviews have been getting a bad rap recently as we at Sprigg know only too well.

Why? We believe that a large part of the negative views towards performance reviews is because of the antiquated practices still used by thousands of organisations across the US and Canada.

The fact is, there are solutions available – at the right price – which can show HR professionals, managers and employees how employee reviews and developments can be done better! Sprigg gives users the tools to conduct reviews in a manner that streamlines every aspect of a performance evaluation. What’s more, our coaching tools help managers conduct meaningful and effective appraisals.

The headaches of traditional reviews can be a thing of the past! Using Sprigg managers can easily rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values.

The benefits

Well.. there are lots. When managers motivate employees successfully, productivity skyrockets along with company growth and bottom line performance.

Effective performance appraisals allow you to identify gaps and serve as the foundation for employee development. This leads to higher-performing employees and improves your company’s performance.

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