Study Finds Attitude of Manager Key to Staff Retention

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A good leader brings out the best in his or her team. Poor attitudes of supervisors, however, can send workers running! as a Development Dimensions International study demonstrates.

Sprigg believes that talent management and employee development is an ongoing process and new lessons can always be learned, regardless of seniority.

A recent Development Dimensions International study has offered new light on the impact of poor relations between managers and their employees. The report found:

  • Four in 10 employees have left a job primarily due to management
  • Most employees (55%) have considered leaving a job because of their manager


reviewThe Sprigg software helps foster collaboration and development of both employees and managers. We believe that by having real conversations supported by metric-driven HR processes and tools, organizations can tackle what a Leadership Pulse global survey last year has identified as the  ‘trust gap’.

The survey highlighted several major consequences of bad communication between leader and their reports such as:

  • 64% of employees rated their level of trust of leadership as moderate at best.
  • 91% of employees said it was highly important to have leaders they trust, but only 48% of leaders agreed.
  • 87% of leaders said they always or often acknowledged their own mistakes, but only 19% of employees said this was the case with their own leaders

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