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The following piece by Jilaine Parkes has received considerable interest including inclusion with HRreview magazine.

In this article, Jilaine,  President of Sprigg Talent Management Systems,  gives insights into why one company within the Automotive sector, made the switch to a SaaS talent management tool and how technology can take the guess work out of “did I hire the right person.”

“It’s not the people you hire…it’s the ones you keep who will take you down.” I remember that statement vividly as I sat in my Sales course and as a business owner can speak directly to the criticality of having the right people in the right seats.

As auto retailer acquisitions continue and auto retail groups expand their presence the challenge becomes even greater to manage people as cultures collide. Entirely new levels of sophistication and skill levels (competencies) are needed to take the auto groups out of the “mom and pop” days into the hands of a trusted and highly regarded auto retail professional who can create a strategic, customer-for-life experience.

So, how do you find these people and equally important…how do you keep them? In the 20+ years I’ve spent in Human Resources I have observed not only how the processes themselves have evolved in the employers’ struggle to get and keep the right people but how the methodology has changed dramatically too. I am of course speaking about technology.

It’s amazing. Did you know that finding the right candidate(s) for your company needs is similar to finding the right mate? When you think about it, it’s really not that different. It’s about compatibility after all and the predictability of will it last?

Do we share the same goals and values? That’s one example of how technology can take the guess work out of “did I hire the right person.” Companies like Fitzii are in the business of people collaboration and getting the best possible fit with what ever you think will make someone successful in your organization. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy and even more so affordable.

So, now you’ve got them…but how do you keep them? Research indicates a higher retention and engagement rate when a person is clear about the contributions they are to make. The true professional is a person who keeps score and who wants to and even needs to know what’s expected of them and how they’re doing. They will ask questions like: “What do you expect from me? What are you measuring my success on? Am I working on the right things? Are you going to get me back on track if I’m not? Will you give me feedback?” It’s a lot to keep track of right? Not when you use the right technology it isn’t.

Setting the right targets and goals, communicating the right behaviours, giving feedback (constructive, well-devised feedback) and tracking the progress of someone’s contributions is the fundamental purpose of a solid Performance Management technology. It helps to centralize, give easy access and manage critical employee data. Most of all you can gauge and track the progress of your business results by tracking your people’s progress. Warning: technology can keep you organized and highly effective but it can’t replace the conversations that need to happen when providing people clarity of direction and feedback when they need it.

There are no drive-by approaches when choosing and keeping the right talent. Technology is an extremely efficient and cost effective way to select and manage the needs of information that guide and direct a talent management program.