Continuous & 360 Feedback

Make feedback easy to give & receive!

Use our feedback tools to make giving and receiving feedback easier and more actionable. With our tools and coaching tips, you can not only improve manager/employee feedback but you can even enable customer feedback to build stronger teams, improving performance overall.

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Our Multi-Rater / 360° Feedback Module is available as a standalone tool!

If your organization wants to focus on Multi-Rater / 360° Feedback, we are happy offer affordable flat rate plans for our standalone tool.

Real-Time, Continuous Feedback

Ongoing, regularly provided feedback is an essential practice to keeping employees engaged. Sprigg’s Continuous Feedback features enable users to give or get, real-time feedback instantly!

Continuous Feedback
Check-In Meeting

Easy, Seamless Check-In Meetings

Regular touch-points with real-time feedback is easily accomplished through Sprigg’s Check-In Meetings Tool. Through meeting tool templates and calendar integration, your feedback meetings are made seamless.

Multi-Rater / 360 Degree Feedback Options

Feedback from multiple sources is a proven and effective feedback technique. Sprigg’s 360 / Multi-Rater Feedback tool enables input from many sources, even customers!

Multi-Rater 360
Feedback Banks

Make use of our Tips, Training & Feedback Banks

Formulating feedback can be tough. Sprigg gives you Tips and Training Guidelines on how to give and get quality feedback.

Whether you’re giving feedback or creating your own self-evaluation, Sprigg’s Feedback Banks provide thought-starters and suggestions instantly!

Real-time feedback & regular touch-points meetings! 

Continuous Feedback

Made available on both our desktop and mobile platforms, this feature enables the user to either give or get real-time feedback, instantly.

Feedback Tips

Giving feedback is a skill. Sprigg provides the Users quick tips on how to best deliver constructive feedback.

Tools & Tactics

Sprigg promotes feedback & conversations via our Check-In Meetings tool which helps leaders and employees alike to gather & organize thoughts and comments.


Solicit feedback from more than just the leader; add peers, colleagues, direct reports and even customers to contribute feedback.

Feedback Bank

Struggling to find the right words? Sprigg provides pre-populated Feedback Banks that contain ready-to-use phrases that you can modify.


Never miss any feedback sent your way through instant notification emails that prompt you to log in and view.

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