Link Base and/or Bonus Pay to Results

Create a fair and consistent approach to your compensation strategy by establishing adjustments that directly link an individual’s pay raise or bonus allotment to their performance results.

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Link Pay to Performance

Establishing fair and consistent practices in how you reward and compensate performance is critical. Sprigg’s Compensation Tools help you to accurately link pay to performance and track essential compensation activities and reporting.

Client Administrators can establish specific amounts for base pay or bonus pay adjustments. Let the Sprigg system recommend adjustments by linking performance results to predetermined amounts either by team or individual.

Managers can make their own base or bonus pay recommendations through Sprigg’s Pay Raise Calculator tool. Once the leader’s data is determined and captured, it is then re-routed for approval.

Mgr Comp dashboard pay raise calc

Compensation Planning & Budget Allocation

Allocating budgets and identifying salary caps are easy to establish in the Sprigg Compensation Module. Compensation dollars can be modified to fit any pay range parameters and assigned to the appropriate team manager.

Manage your organization’s compensation strategy with full transparency and ease utilizing Sprigg’s Compensation Module tools and reporting.

Track & Report any & all Adjustments

Track any and all adjustments while monitoring your total compensation budget. Generate quick reports that provide aggregate data perspectives.

For ease of data management, all compensation-related information can be exported to Excel format.

Team Compensation Report & Allocation

Easily track changes to budget allocation, compensation planning & pay-per-performance!


Customize your pay adjustments with Sprigg’s compensation module. Link results directly to base pay raises or bonus rewards.

Compensation Planning

Administrators have full flexibility to set amounts for merit / bonus increases by team / individual and can adjust based on manager recommendations.

Pay-Raise Calculator

Provide managers with a tool that enables them to recommend adjustments by employee and redirect to HR.

Budget Allocation

Determine pre-set budget & caps on salary ranges, guaranteeing compensation adjustments to fit within your pay range parameters.


Track any and all adjustments while monitoring your total compensation budget. Generate quick reports that provide a summary overview.

Exporting Data

All compensation data can be instantly exported to Excel format (or CSV files) for ease of data management.

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