Alignment & Direction

Establish clarity of direction and ownership

Once an organization clearly establishes what it needs its people to focus on, Sprigg does the rest. Using Sprigg's Auto-Align feature in conjunction with a comprehensive Business Plan template, leaders can capture corporate objectives, metrics and identify who is accountable for what. Next, the information flows instantly to the right places and people. 

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Establish clarity of performance, ownership and accountability!

1-Page Plan

A concise and comprehensive template enables leaders to identify key strategic initiatives with metrics & identify who is accountable.

Clarity of Direction

As objectives & metrics are identified, the info can flow to the appropriate User’s account, establishing clear expectations.

Align & Cascade

Establish clear expectations that align to critical business objectives that ensure people are working on the right things.

Clear Metrics

Set and communicate specific, performance indicators that measure job-related roles & responsibilities.


Instantly reveal progress of performance by team or organizational level providing real time results.


Each and every time a goal is completed, notifications are sent out to the organization, creating a true sense of shared accomplishment.

Please Note: This feature will be available Fall 2019

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