Alignment & Direction

Establish Clarity of Direction & Ownership

Once an organization clearly establishes what it needs its people to focus on, Sprigg does the rest. Using Sprigg's Auto-Align feature in conjunction with a comprehensive Business Plan template, leaders can capture corporate objectives, metrics and identify who is accountable for what. Next, the information flows instantly to the right places and people. 

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1-Page Performance Plan Template

Establish clarity of performance expectations, ownership and accountability at individual employee and organizational levels through the Sprigg 1-Page Performance Plan. Senior Leaders can access and utilize a simple and comprehensive 1-page template that assists to organize and capture key strategic initiatives with associated metrics.   

Clear and Accountable goal

Align & Cascade Roles & Responsibilities

Company strategic data points can be assigned to identified project leaders, establishing transparency and clear accountability.

Ensure people are aligned with their job-related roles & responsibilities and can easily link their contributions to business objectives.

Communicating and the sharing of business objectives is essential to establishing purpose & intent of any organizations employees.

Track Progress with Clear Performance Indicators

It is important to clarify performance expectations and metrics. The 1-page Plan allows you to clearly set and communicate specific performance indicators for all.

Reporting features allow you track and measure job-related roles and responsibilities, and instantly reveal progress by team or organizational level with real time results.

When goals are completed, notifications are sent out to teams or the whole organization, creating a true sense of shared accomplishment.

Goal Alignment & Progress

Establish clarity of performance, ownership, & accountability!

1-Page Plan

A concise and comprehensive template enables leaders to identify key strategic initiatives with metrics & identify who is accountable.

Clarity of Direction

As objectives & metrics are identified, the info can flow to the appropriate User’s account, establishing clear expectations.

Align & Cascade

Establish clear expectations that align to critical business objectives that ensure people are working on the right things.

Clear Metrics

Set and communicate specific, performance indicators that measure job-related roles & responsibilities.


Instantly reveal progress of performance by team or organizational level providing real time results.


Each and every time a goal is completed, notifications are sent out to the organization, creating a true sense of shared accomplishment.

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