What’s Hot in 2015: Sprigg’s Pick of HR Blogs

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2015 is here already! That means that its that time of year when we offer our take on the biggest HR publications and sites.

You’ll notice many of these titles were mentioned by us last year too. There are, however a few new players on this years list which we think will be making a big splash in the world of Human Resources!

Sprigg’s Pick: Must Read HR Content in 2015

Evil HR Lady: Evil HR Lady posts articles featuring her thoughts and musings on HR issues, often with real life examples, and also answers questions from and provides advice to HR professionals and people seeking guidance in dealing with their HR department.

The HR Gazette: Launched only last summer, The HR Gazette is already shaping up to be a fantastic new free resource for HR pros. Looking for news and opinion on employment law, recruitment, learning, strategy or HR tech? Look no further than the Gazette!

About.com Human Resources Blog: This About.com blog deals with various aspects of the HR industry from giving advice on how to advance your HR career, to dealing with different types of situations and employees.

HRreview: An old favorite of Sprigg. HRreview has been producing award-winning content for around a decade. Readership in 2014 soared as the title continued to attract new international HR decision makers.

Systematic HR: Systematic HR is a blog located on the point at which HR and technology intersect. The blog deals primarily with HR technology and innovations, keeping its readers up to date on the technology available and the best practices involved with its usage.

HR Bartender: HR Bartender is the blog of Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant. Sharlyn shares her insights on HR, but also on the workplace in general, and how to create the sort of culture necessary for a company’s success.

HR Minion: This is a light hearted blog about the experiences and insights of a lower level HR employee. HR Minion embraces some of the zany aspects of the field and shares some unorthodox opinions on ways to get things done around the workplace.

HR Hero: HR Hero is an collection of blogs from different authors all dealing with the employment law side of the HR business.

HR Ringleader: HR Ringleader strives to help HR employees think outside the box in every aspect of the business, from innovating HR-Employee-Client relationships, to giving advice on making presentations more interesting.

Lean HR Blog: Lean HR Blog posts interesting anecdotes that aptly illustrate the author’s points about the world of HR and provide HR employees and managers with a variety of important perspectives.

HR Today: Launched this month, HR Today makes our list not on past credentials but on the exciting possibilities it offers for new, affordable ways to access employment law and compliance information. Check out their latest posts and videos.

No Excuses HR: No Excuses HR is all about helping its readers take action, enabling them to change the workplace and company for the better by not putting off difficult decisions and dealing with important problems as they arise instead of allowing them to pile up.

Kimberly Roden: Kimberly Roden is a 25 year HR veteran turned consultant and her blog shares her valuable insights with HR professionals in every aspect of the industry.

Lance Haun: Lance Haun is a community director for ERE Media and a seven year HR veteran with an innovative perspective and the desire to share his insights and strategies with less experienced HR employees and managers.

Lisa Rosendahl: Lisa Rosendahl is a long time leader in the HR community, a writer with over 20 years of HR experience, her valuable insights are shared on her blog in addition to speaking at conferences and communicating her wisdom through other various mediums.

The HR Daily Advisor: The HR Daily Advisor is considered by many to be one of the most unique HR resources available. This blog features free daily updates on news and advice as well as providing daily tips to HR professionals around the world.