Creating a Performance Culture: Understanding the Context

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Creating opportunities and processes to help companies promote, sustain and develop cultures of high-performance is something Sprigg does every day for our customers.

The key to making it work? Its about understanding how each company is different. In addition to using the right tools, the company must understand their specific context and how it shapes their corporate culture.

When it Comes to Creating a Culture of High Performance, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘One Size Fits All’

High performance cultures are not created by changing one or two things in a company, they are made by understanding and reacting to the whole work environment.

There are lots of contextual factors which work together to mold the culture of the company. Each businesses has its own objectives, corporate values, reporting structures, development initiatives, and ways to measure and reward success.

When assessing how your company can develop and grow a performance culture consider:

  1. How things get done
  2. How decisions are made
  3. What works/does not work as far as behaviors
  4. What gets rewarded

Identify the motivations and reasons for doing things the way your company does them and you’ll be getting close to the next step – using processes and tools to grow a happy, transparent performance-orientated environment.

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