Sprigg appoints Marketing & Business Development Manager


Sprigg Talent Management Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Banham as HR Marketing & Business Development Manager.

Bill Banham

Bill Banham, HR Marketing & Business Development Manager at Sprigg Talent Management Systems

Bill has been working with Sprigg in a consultative role since January 2013 and we’re very happy he’s joining our growing team! Our new Marketing chap is originally from the United Kingdom and has over seven years experience in around HR and SaaS including a period as Marketing Manager and Editor at the award winning HRreview. In addition for his love all of things SaaS, Bill is an avid Norwich City Football Club fan (apparently that’s a real team..) and enjoys outside activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing and sailing.

Are you a potential strategic partner interested in partnerships and editorial opportunities? Contact Bill Banham at: [email protected]




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