Catalytic Coaching Online Software Update


Tyler Vincent, IT Director

We’ve made enhancements to CCO again – adding more value to the already popular and well loved alternative to performance reviews used by thousands.

Start next year’s sheets early and complete last year’s sheets late

We’ve encountered a few organizations using CCO that run their Catalytic Coaching cycles during different parts of the year. Some prefer to follow a cycle that has sheets starting in one year but don’t require the sheets to be finished until early the next year. In order to accommodate this we’re updating CCO with two new features.

Finish up last year’s sheets in the new year

With 2012 approaching some organizations might not have their 2011 Catalytic Coaching Cycle finished yet. Not to worry, CCO will now allow open 2011 sheets to be finished off even during the 2012 year. This feature applies to any sheets unsubmitted prior to the current year.


Start next year’s sheets early

This new feature allows an organization to specify in the admin panel that they’d like their staff to be able to start next year’s Catalytic Coaching cycle early.

Once turned on in the admin panel all staff can start their yellow, blue and green worksheets for the next calendar year early.

In addition the CCO Progress Report has been updated to allow progress to be tracked on the current, as well as past and future, year’s cycles.

There are many other smaller updates throughout CCO that will add to the performance and usability of the product. We’re seeking input on these new features and how we might improve the integration of CCO into your organizations performance management workflow in the future. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or comment below on our our blog! To learn more about Catalytic Coaching philosophy visit

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