Top HR Twitter Influencers in 2014

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So you’re looking to follow the biggest movers and shakers in HR but don’t know where to start? We can help!

Based on number of followers, klout scores and, frankly, because we love their great content, here’s our latest list of top HR Twitter influencers  in 2014:

@stelzner – Mark Stelzner

@SHRM_Research – Society for Human Resource Management


@PHRSPHR – Nora Burns, SPHR

@SHRMPress – SHRM Public Affairs

@hrworldtoday – HR World Today

@SpriggTMS – We follow and retweet the latest and greatest.

@KurtKennedy – Kurt Kennedy

@adowling – April Dowling

@hrreview – HR Review

@effortlesshr – HR Software

@Peoplemgt – People Management

@hrwhisperer – Heather Vogel

@CourageHR – Guy Ellis

@hrmagazine – HR Magazine

@theHRintrovert – Tim Gardner

@HRCamp – Human Resource Camp

@hrbartender – Sharlyn Lauby

@lruettimann – Laurie Ruettimann