Top HR blogs

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SpriggHR has been busy getting to know the biggest hitters in HR blogging and social media.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

1. TalentCulture: Self-professed metaphor for the social workplace. Since early 2010, this digital ecosystem – brought to you by Meghan M. Biro and the team – has been growing organically by connecting and engaging professionals who want to understand and shape the “human” side of business. Check out @TalentCulture

2. Stratify: We at Sprigg are massive fans of Jeff Waldman and the team behind Stratify and the Social HR Camp series. One of the biggest HR social media and blogging gurus in USA and Canada, Stratify’s HR insights are to stratif-die for! Follow stratify here.

digital_click3. HRreview UK: HRreview has been going for nearly a decade and boasts an award for best digital publication. This magazine offers British HR news and analysis on multiple channels including employment law, health and safety, HR strategy and diversity and equality.

4. Fistful of Talent: Looking for a fresh slant on Talent Management? Try Kris Dunn’s blog. According to the blog it is “like the HR Capitalist but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.” For the record, we like HR Capitalist too but this blog is really fun!

5. TLNT: Statistically one of, if not the biggest HR blog hitter around. Awesome content. New ideas. Top read!

6. HR Bartender: Comparing herself to a bartender—“that friendly face who’s there when you need them”— Sharlyn Lauby is an HR consultant and executive, who blogs about human resources, social media, and her love of food and drink. If you get tired of staring at words all day, she also has a pretty extensive set of YouTube video blogs. Check her out on Twitter

7. HRreview North America: New kid on the HR blogging block! Little sister publication from the team at, HRreview North America has attracted lots of attention from the HR community in Canada and USA since launching in the summer of 2013. The online magazine’s focus is geared more towards blogs and opinion with particular attention given to HR technology, recruitment, training and mentorship. Check out @HRreviewNA

8. SHRM:  More of a news source than a blog, the Society for Human Resources Management has a solid online presence, and so deserves an honorable mention. Check ’em out at @SHRM

9. HRPA: You just can’t mention SHRM without espousing the wonders of the counterpart association up in lovely Canada. If your looking for solid news and content about HR in Oh! Can-ad-ah! then look no further eh! Check out @HRPA

10. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas, the Swiss sensation, offers oodles of super HR content and has a huge following. Suzanne answers questions, posts tips and tricks, and is a regular contributor to many other blogs. Check it out on Twitter

And then there is.. SpriggHR. Admittedly we’re a little biased but.. through our growing number of media partners, we think that we have some great content to offer. So maybe its a bit premature to list us alongside the above-mentioned luminaries but you gotta shoot for the stars! Follow us on Twitter – @SpriggTMS


There are WAY MORE that could have be mentioned. Stay tuned for the next round of notable HR content sources.