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Friend of Sprigg, Jeff Waldman offers insights into why it is just so important to attend the HR Tech Conference.

Within the HR and Recruiting space we are absolutely inundated with events — conferences, unconferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, virtual events and so on.  Each event offers some kind of value that we in the community can realize by attending, some more so than others.  The 16th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition is taking place in just a few days; October 7-9 in Las Vegas, and I will be attending for the first time.

I am absolutely stoked about it as every single possible HR technology platform will be there showing off their stuff and giving us the latest and greatest in HR tech.  With all of the hype surrounding this event, I have asked myself one question. — “why is HR Tech important to attend”?

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The event concept is simple — to bring together HR vendors and HR technology buyers.  I am not sure what to call it but I can only imagine it’s going to feel like a high tech flea market… and this is 100% okay with me.

Technology is such a critical part of our lives today, whether personally or professionally.  It keeps getting better and better, and this is a positive thing for us.  For HR and Recruiting, the business world that we play in is global, and the same goes for talent.  Technology will never EVER replace the power of face to face human connection, but it WILL enable organizations to gain competitive advantage if they leverage the right technology for their organizations.  Just imagine if you are able to use technology that allows you to attract, hire, engage and develop talent better and more cost-effectively than your competitors?  Over time you will likely have the best talent working for you.

The only way organizations can truly start leveraging technology is if they educate themselves first.  This is where the HR Tech conference comes into play.  It’s simply a massive education platform to the world of HR technology.  By being there attending sessions, doing demo’s with vendors and networking with industry analysts, thought leaders and peers you are taking a huge step in this process.

This edition of HR Tech, the 16th edition is slated to be the largest ever.  If you are attending, take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way to learn about what’s out in the market for HR technology.  And while you’re at it, bring some extra cash so you can take a break playing a few hands at the poker or blackjack tables.  You never know, you might strike the jackpot!

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