2014: The Move From Manual to Automated HR Software Solutions

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HR SaaS trends in 2014 and the rise of Social

2014 promises to be another year of high-demand for online HR solutions. The call for HR software is booming as organizations look to drop traditional paper-based processes in favour of quicker, easier software alternatives.

HR has never had a problem with collating data but HR software in 2014 and beyond is providing the ease of access to make the most of it. 

Talent Management and analytic is set to be one of the biggest growth areas in 2014. It offers the potential to generate big returns on investment for employers and streamline processes for Human Resources. Tools such as Sprigg helps companies to : 1) identify and address issues throughout the year with feedback and development initiatives, 2) recognize and reward top performers and 3) align metric-driven results with real insights from colleagues and stake holders.

Sprigg provides deep-level analysis which can be turned into powerful, visual reports with a few clicks. In addition to the many features and tools within the Talent Management software, there is also easy access to third party software through our API.


2014: The year of Social

There is going to be even more call in 2014 for social media to play a larger part in reviews. Sprigg has responded to this shift with a powerful new social component. Sprigg Social offers tools to personalize profiles, post real-time updates and offer a forum for intra-company project management.

As the benefits of HR software become more pronounced. Business leaders have increasingly moved over to automated Talent Management and other cloud-based HR software.

Most of the core functions of Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software are thriving too. HR software services have often been early adopters of integrating with closed and open social media arena. A HR teams’s ability to identify and track trends in retention rates, boosts in productivity, and benchmark performance gives your HR department a clear advantage.