Sprigg President on Performance Review Season

Help For Managers: Performance Reviews Tips

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The goal of a performance evaluation is to give workers feedback on what they are doing right and what needs to be improved.

While regular dialogue with employees is important for managers in order to check that their employees are staying on task, formal performance reviews can come with much greater consequences.

Good reviews can help determine which employees deserve raises or promotions, while a poor one can give an employer the proof they need to demote or in some cases terminate a staff member.

Getting Your Performance Review Process Right  is Essential!

In addition to judging an employee’s past performance, reviews done within the Sprigg software can provide an excellent time for both the employee and employer to look ahead and create development plans.

Evaluations should include goals for the future. By setting goals in a formal manner, employees will better understand the objectives that need to be met in order to achieve positive reviews moving forward.

Writing a Performance Review

While managers might not enjoy spending time writing their employee evaluations, they do see the benefits that come from them. A recent study by the staffing firm Accountemps revealed that more than 90 percent of executives feel their performance reviews are effective.

When writing a performance review, bosses should avoid criticizing an employee in general bit should not avoid discussing any problems.  The trick is keeping the review balanced, fair and metric driven.

Here are some steps to help you conduct effective employee performance reviews:

Be specific:

Provide constructive feedback on specific performance issues so staff members know exactly what they need to improve on. Bosses should also be telling staff members what they are doing well as a way to recognize accomplishments and reinforce positive performance.

Be Upfont:

Be honest about areas that need improvement. Failure to have those difficult conversations early on can cause big headaches later down the road. Many of our most successful clients use Sprigg to actually offer feedback throughout the performance cycle to tackle issues head on and drive new initiatives faster.

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Have Real Conversations:

When discussing the review, managers should engage their employees. It should be a two-way conversation.

Self Assessments:

Employees who are required to conduct their own self-assessment as part of the review process are often better positioned to objectively review goals and achievements This approach also helps employees come to the main review meetings with the information they need to ensure the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Get a 360 Picture of Performance

Bosses should ask for feedback from other colleagues for a more well-rounded review. The Sprigg software has long offered a cool 360-review module which helps our customers get  qualitative information to supplement the macro-data  accumulated throughout the review cycle in the platform.