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The HR 2014 Most Influential List

So far, 2014 has been an interesting year in the world of HR, as we turn our attention to expected technology and leadership changes and challenges in the latter stages of the year and into 2015, here’s Sprigg’s latest who’s who of HR’s most influential.

Based on factors such as social influence, PR, speaking engagements and latest posts, here’s our take on the biggest movers shakers and high profile disruptors within HR.

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Human Resources

Meghan Biro: CEO of TalentCulture, and a prolific contributor to everything that’s HR, talent management, social media, and workplace-related. Follow her at talentculture.com, @TalentCulture, and @MeghanMBiro.
Adam Chandler: Publishing Editor at HRreview magazine, Adam has been lauded for the fresh branding and entertaining HR content produced by the magazine since he joined the team last year. Get the scoop @hrreview
Cat Carlos: Cat’s the Director of HR Consulting at People Clues, an HR tech advocate, professional, and social media strategist. She’s also a wealth of HR news at @GetHiredbyCat.
Jeff Waldman: Producer of the SocialHRCamp unconference series, Owner of Stratify and well-known HR and social media journalist. Jeff’s star continues to rise in the world of HR and technology. Follow @JeffWaldman
Jilaine Parkes: Sprigg’s very own Jilaine Parkes has a well known voice in performance management and team chartering for over two decades. Jilaine has recently been leading the launch of the latest version of the Sprigg performance management software, speaking at events such as HRPA and offering helpful advise in such titles as Women of HR, HRPA, HRreview, HRM Guide and The HR Director. Follow @JilaineParkes.
Lisa Horn: Lisa’s SHRM’s Director of Congressional Affairs and their Co-Director of Workplace Flexibility. She’s also a wealth of HR knowledge at @SHRMLobbystLisa.
Nicole Bendaly: Author, Consultant, Speaker and leadership and team development guru Nicole is a well known name in Canadian and International HR. Follow @NicoleBendaly
Charlie Judy: Charlie’s “utterly convinced we’re over-engineering the business of HR.” Dust off your slide rule and join the debate at @HRFishbowl.
Sharlyn Lauby: HR professional and consultant, started the friendly “HR Bartender” network. See if she shakes or stirs her martini at @sharlyn_lauby.
Ian Welsh: Possibly the nicest man on Twitter! Ian has a long and rich career in HR and communications. He’s now a freelance HR and employee engagement pro, and writer. We’ve found that @ianclive will always reply with a thanks for retweeting or getting in contact.
Irene Becker: Founder of JustCoachit, architect of the 3Q model, social media celebrity, well known speaker and avid writer, Irene is a respected and well connected figure within leaership, business development and performance management. Follow @JustCoachIt
Mike Prokopeak: As the editorial director for Chief Learning Officer, Diversity Executive, Talent Management, and Workforce magazines, Mike’s got a lot of great HR and internal communications stories to tell. Read along at @MikeProkopeak.
Nisha Raghavan: Nisha is founder of India HR Live, a Drive Thru HR cohost, and she’s an employee engagement expert. Everything’s bigger in Texas—especially great HR ideas. Saddle up at @TheHRbuddy.
Donna Rogers: Donna’s a HR educator, consultant, trainer, and SHRM leader. She also digs Dilbert, so definitely worth the follow at @HRWarrior.
Rachelle Falls: Thought leader, speaker, HR and social media guru, radio talk show host and all round cool HR pro, Rachelle is at the centre of HR conversations. @HRGirl
William Tincup: HR consulting, speaking, software tester, radio host of Drive Thru HR and huge personality on social media, William is at the core of HR conversations in 2014. Check out @williamtincup and @drivethruhr.
Bryan Wempen: Bryan’s the President of ceVoke (a boutique speaker agency specializing in HR), founder of Drive Thru HR, keynote speaker, and a vegan. He’s also a HR leader, follow him at @bryanwempen.
Josh Bersin: HR, Corporate Talent, and Learning Analyst. Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory services firm focused on corporate talent management. You can find Josh at bersin.com, and follow Josh at @Josh_Bersin and @Bersin.