Business Performance: The Impact of Personality

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Is the success of your team’s performance being negatively impacted by personality traits of team members and leaders?

Let’s face it, no one is infallible. We all have personality traits and types which cause us to act in specific ways when things are not going as well as the could.


There are some simple steps you can take to recognize and counter negative impacts of these traits.

  • Understand yourself: Sounds simple enough right? Well, actually, recognizing your own personality issues can be a big challenge to many employees and managers. Knowing when you are performing at a top level and when you are getting in the way of your organization gives important insights into the best strategy to improve business performance.
  • Get a fresh pair of eyes: Let’s face it, when a leader has been in a role for a long time it can become difficult for them to identify areas where change is needed to improve performance. Sometimes it can be extremely beneficial to get an independent and objective view of the situation.
  • Keep it real: Often leaders come unstuck during challenging times and deny the reality of the business situation. Ongoing denial can be a big cause of inactivity and lack of direction. Keep it real and accept the reality of where the business is at. This will help you get to a position where you can create a performance improvement strategy.
  • Seek external support: Sometimes a specialist consultant or coach can be the right choice to help your performance and momentum.
  • Get a plan: A company’s success is based on the strength of its strategy and the leader’s ability to implement it. Team Chartering can help executives with strategy and implementation.

Want to learn more? Contact Sprigg to learn how our experts can help you understand how your personality may enhance or hinder your business, how to use your personality to best effect and how to create an powerful performance improvement strategy.