5 Simple Steps to High Performance Healthcare Teams

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In this complimentary webinar you will gain a simple process to improve your team’s effectiveness and strengthen their ability to deliver the best care possible.


If you are like most leaders in healthcare today you know that the quality of care you provide is directly impacted by your team’s effectiveness and your staff’s experience. And yet unfortunately many leaders don’t have the tools they need to affect real improvement in their team’s dynamics and performance.

This is why we are offering our 5 Simple Steps to High Performance Healthcare Teams as a complimentary webinar for the first time. Based on over 25 years of research and on the book, Improving Healthcare Team Performance, you will learn how you can use the 5 steps to:

  • Create greater communication, respect and trust among your team members
  • Create greater accountability for team performance and the quality of care
  • Reduce and prevent conflict
  • Improve staff morale and create greater engagement
  • Create a better functioning and more collaborative team that is focused on two key priorities: creating a positive staff experience and delivering exceptional patient care


You will walk away with a concrete plan to begin to strengthen your team’s effectiveness right away.