Tech Talk with Tyler – Spring Update for CCO!


Spring has sprung and lots of new features are popping up in Catalytic Coaching Online! We’ve been taking notes on all of the terrific client requests made in the past year and working hard to implement the changes we felt would benefit the most users, all while maintaining the simplicity of the software. Here are some of the new features you can expect in the next CCO update:


Our most requested feature, the new CCO meetings tool will enable team members to request a meeting after completing the yellow or green worksheets. Coaches will be able to book meetings after they complete the blue sheet. Finally, coaches can book follow up meetings with team members to foster stewardship of Development Plans. All meetings will be booked right in the software – so you can keep everything related to CCO in one place.

Progress Updates

We’re excited to now offer team members the ability to add progress updates to action items on the green Development Plan. Progress updates can be viewed by coaches anytime within the My Team area on the coach’s page.

Next Steps

Some users expressed confusion over what to do next after completing a sheet. We’ve eliminated the uncertainty with our “Next Steps” section at the bottom of each worksheet. Follow the simple instructions to proceed to the next stage of the process.

Drag and Drop

Our most popular feature on both the yellow and blue sheets – we’re now extending this ability to the Development Plan! Drag and drop will also be added to the incidents as examples listed on the Coaching Worksheet. Tablet and mobile drag and drop on all sheets will also be supported with this update.

Coaching Worksheet Acknowledgement

Going forward, organizations using CCO can request that a team member digitally sign off on a Coaching Worksheet before proceeding to the Development Plan.

Custom Training and Reference Material

We’ve always offered a robust training and reference section in CCO – but now you can upload your own, customized, content and documentation into the site. Allow your staff to view all of your training materials in one place!


Coming soon, Sprigg and Energage are pleased to announce the arrival of a new, enhanced version of CCO for coaching professionals. We can’t wait to tell you more – details coming soon!

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