HR technology guru offers fantastic review of Sprigg Talent Management Solutions!


Well-known HR technology expert Jeff Waldman offered a flattering review of Sprigg’s performance management software platform today on his hugely popular Stratify website. Here it is:

Sprigg Talent Management Solutions – Simple, Intuitive, Mobile Friendly & Cloud-Based Talent Management Software


One of the core functions within human resources is performance management.  The idea is relatively simple.  HR possesses the expertise to support the organization; people managers, executives and employees to improve individual and collective performance.  This is not a new concept at all.  The big questions is, “have we as an HR profession figured out how to do this well”?  As an HR practitioner with more than 13 years of direct HR experience working with a variety of small to large organizations I would say, “no”.

For many HR practitioners a typical performance management system is loaded with processes, documents, guidelines, rules, forms and anything else you can think of.  This exists because of our desire to be fair and equitable, be legislatively compliant and reports.  Ask yourself this question.  Have these traditional systems and processes successfully boosted employee performance?  The answer is clear, “N. O.”  These systems are typically complex and focused on promoting the wrong behaviour, all misaligned with improving performance.  Ideally they may make sense but practically they don’t.

Enter Sprigg Talent Management Systems

I have been following Sprigg Talent Management Solutions for a couple of years now and have been impressed with their platform, simply because it has a fantastic and easy-to-use interface, its set of core features are ones that HR actually needs (unlike other platforms that are laden with too many features that are not needed), is mobile friendly and incorporates social principles (including gaming).

Sprigg Dashbboard

When it comes to HR technology, the key things that make for good HR software are user experience (particularly onboarding and customization), mobile, integration and analytics.  Sprigg Talent Management Solutions hits each one with flying colours.


Sprigg SocialThe biggest observation of the Sprigg platform is its flexibility from a user experience perspective.  The technology is well thought-out from the administration panel to goal setting to people manager tools.  A fantastic feature is the social platform that enables employees to share status updated with one another.  This one-stop-shop platform that can be used from a smartphone, tablet and laptop computer allows for huge flexibility in when, where and how the tool is used.  Simply put the more user friendly it is the more it will be adopted and used on an ongoing basis.

At the End of the Day…

Software that meets the criteria mentioned above will always beat out its competition.  More importantly, if the tool truly helps solves a REAL business challenge/problem then you know it’s a winner.  Sprigg Talent Management Solutions does this.  It’s a great piece of software that I believe really does help organizations improve employee performance.