10 Best HR Journals of 2015

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We’re often asked by our clients about our thoughts on the best publications and academic journals for HR and Management pros.

Here are our top 10 titles we go to when looking for top analysis, trends and research.

  1. Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is one of the premier journals in the business bridging research and practice and features thought provoking articles on innovative strategies and methods for the human resources management profession.
  2. Human Resource Management International Digest: Human Resource Management International Digest is a publication that collects some of the best articles to do with HR management and brings it all together in one package.
  3. Human Resource Management Review:The Human Resource Management Review publishes scholarly articles, including research driven, conceptual and theoretical articles covering many of the major fields of Human Resources Management.
  4. Journal of Human Resources: Published by the Wisconsin University Press, the Journal of Human Resources a quarterly journal that publishes scholarly papers based on rigorous empirical study.
  5. HRM The Journal: HRM The Journal was started by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne with the goal of facilitating the dissemination of collaborative research about people at work and what management techniques are the most effective.
  6. Workforce Magazine: Workforce Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to sharing the most successful and innovative HR trends and tools you need to benefit your business.
  7. International Public Management Association Publications: Members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources gain access to its publications including HR News Magazine, Public Personnel Management, and HR Bulletin, all of which serve the HR community in distinct ways.
  8. Human Resources Management Journal: The Human Resources Management Journal is a scholarly journal that seeks to advance and support the understanding of both practitioners and academics in the HR field.
  9. The HR Director: The HR Director is an independent strategic publication in the HR field. The Magazine is devoted to keeping HR directors and senior managers informed on advancements within the field.
  10. International Journal of Human Resource Studies: The International Journal of Human Resource Studies is a quarterly, internationally refereed journal published with the aim of promoting new techniques and enhancing current techniques and methodologies within the HR industry.

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